Ketterman Ranch

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Property Description

Situated between Marble Falls and Burnet with approximately 1.2 miles of County Road 340 frontage, Ketterman Ranch is a prime example of Texas Hill Country luxury. Formerly operated as a premier exotic hunting and safari destination, the 1,228 +/- acres have been thoughtfully manicured to show off every highlight and expose gorgeous views while leaving plenty of cover for wildlife and game animals. The road extensive system provides easy, smooth access to every section of the ranch and transports you into a sense of peace and tranquility one can only find in the privacy provided by being tucked away and surrounded by nature. Once you realize this is only 10 min from the nearest store and just a little over 1 hour from downtown Austin, you’ll begin to understand how truly exceptional a place like the Ketterman Ranch is.

In designing the Main Lodge, no detail was spared as it overlooks the pool and approximately 7 acres of lakes and positioned to catch the Southern breeze. Wrap-around patios allowing guests to take in every angle of the serene setting. The lakes in the main compound are stocked and professionally maintained fishing lakes and are accompanied by several stock tanks on the property where one can go throw in a line. Three guest lodges are within a short walk or cart ride along with the pickleball courts, tennis/basketball court, skeet shooting range, and a first-class fitness center flanked by a kid’s ninja-warrior style gym/playroom. The lodging area alone is one of the most spectacular and well-designed compounds on a private ranch in the Texas Hill Country.

Location: 10 min S of Burnet, 20 min N of Marble Falls. 1 hour NW of Austin, 1 hr 45 min N of San Antonio, 3 hrs 15 min S of Dallas, 3 hrs 30 min W of Houston

Water: 8 wells – high production, excellent groundwater

Main Lodge: 7 bedrooms, 7 full bath, 2 half bath

5 Guest Lodges

2 Foreman Homes

Please contact for more information:

Todd Fox - (512)755-4433 -

Farren Fox - (512)755-1547 -

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Ketterman Ranch (Burnet County)

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